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ABOUT BEAKY - the author

When Momma/Beaky was 93 years old we spent a long night with her in the emergency room. She'd fallen and we feared she broke her hip.  Deep in the night, writhing in pain, she looked up at her nurse, who looked really tired, and said, "You have the most beautiful smile."   The exhausted nurse beamed.  


THAT is who Beatrice Arnson is...someone who notices and evokes the warmth and generosity of other people.  Someone who gives even perfect strangers a sense of importance and relevance.   She cuts past people's armor and touches their hearts and humanity.  She asks you about your story.  She tells you her story.  She makes every word count.  And she makes people smile.  It's just what she does.  It's who she is. We are lucky to have her.


The world needs more Beakys.



                    and now...a few short weeks later

                              a few more words:

                            mr. fred rogers said,

           "there are three ways to ultimate success. 

                         the first way is to be kind.

                       the second way is to be kind.

                         the third way is to be kind."


    july 5, 1921-april 29, 2015 thank you to sweet Beaky

                        for living this very way.







DAVID - the illustrator


KERRI - the designer/editor


or itunes:  kerri sherwood

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